Jio Message Center Number {All States} – {List Updated}

Jio message center number is one of the most important factors behind the working of your SMS service and if you have misconfigured the SMS center number then you will start facing errors like SMS not sending, unable to send SMS, message sending failed and jio message not sent. In this article, we are going to share every single detail you need to know about this service and we are also going to add the list of jio SMSC number of all states through which you can fix the problem in no time.

Message center number can be a term that is new for many users because this is not a common term like jionet apn that we have heard about many times before and already knew how to configure it.

The reason of remaining unknown to this service is that you have never faced a situation in which you needed to edit it or change it on your own because this task is automatically done by your operator after changing the sim card in your mobile device.

Telecom operators automatically configure jio message center number according to your state but as you know, mistakes can be made anytime.

Sometimes, you may have accidentally changed it or your operator has accidentally misconfigured jio SMS center number and after the misconfiguration, you are left with a non-resolving error i.e. message sending failed, unable to send SMS or jio message not sent.

And If you are one of the users who avail jio’s free services to its full extent then you must know the importance of SMS because without sending an SMS, you might not be able to use jio’s free services like jio hello tunes etc.

So, what would be the correct solution to this problem? Well, the solution is to reconfigure the message center number properly that you or your operator has misconfigured by mistake.

Here, we are going to guide you step by step through which you can change jio message center number and resolve jio SMS sending failed errors.

Before sharing the configuration guide, we would like to share the details of this service and how it works.

What is SMS center number?

Message center number is a network element that works behind the functioning of SMS sending and receiving process i.e. storage, forwarding, converting, reception, delivery and maintaining timestamps. It is the medium of sending SMS from one device to other [Source].

How it works:-

A user sends the message-> message reaches SMS center -> SMS center forwards the message to its destination.

Now, we are going to share the list of jio SMSC number.

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Jio Message Center Number (All States):

States Jio Message Center Number
Jio Andhra Pradesh Center Number +91 9885005444
Jio Arunachal Pradesh Center Number
Jio Assam Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Bihar Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Chattisgarh Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Chennai Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Delhi Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Goa Center Number
Jio Gujarat Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Haryana Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Himachal Pradesh Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Jammu & Kashmir Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Jharkhand Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Karnataka Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Kerala Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Madhya Pradesh Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Kolkata Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Maharashtra Center Number +91 9822078000
Jio Mumbai Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio North East Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Odisha Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Punjab Center Number +91 7012075009
Jio Rajasthan Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Telangana Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio UP East Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio UP West Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio West Bengal Center Number +91 7010075009
Jio Andaman And Nicobar Center Number
Jio Sikkim Center Number

So, this is the list of jio SMS center number of every state. Now, we are going to share the step by step guide to change your message center number.

How To Change Jio SMS Center Number:

USSD Code:-

1) Dial – *#*#4636#*#*

2) A popup will open instantly and you will see these options :

  • Phone information
  • Battery information
  • Usages Statistics
  • WLAN Information

3) Click on “Phone Information” and scroll down to the bottom until you see this SMSC option.

change SMSC using USSD code

4) Click on “Refresh” to check your current number and change it using the number we have mentioned above.

change jio sms center number using USSD code

5) Click on “Update”

That’s it.

Default Settings:-

1) Open “Messages”

2) Click on “:” icon on the bottom and click on “Settings”

change jio message center number using settings

3) Click on “Advanced” for advanced settings

change SMSC using settings

4) Click on the SMS center according to your sim slot.

change center number using settings

5) A default jio message center number will get displayed on your screen. Simply, change this number with the jio SMS center number we have shared above.

change sms center number

6) Click on “Save”

That’s it.

Wrapping Up:

We have shared every single detail you need to know about jio message center number. If you have any kind of issues then feel free to comment below. We will help you as soon as possible.

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